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Welcome to China Bistro, the gateway to great Chinese culture through your tasting bud. This homepage is constantly updated with more Chinese recipes. Please check back often. If you are in the mood for some really great Chinese food, please remember to call this number (412) 487-9678 .You CANNOT eat online. Please call for take-out or drop by at 4779 Route 8 (by the PA Turnpike exit 39), Allison Park, PA. Here is the map to help you find us.

The Best Chinese Food You Can Find in the Mid-Atlantic States!!
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Greater China Kaleidoscope This is a new web site of mine, still under construction. Pretty good one! I've also compiled a page for those of you who are interested in International Trade with China. How about Martial Arts? I do hope these will be useful for you. Got the time to explore everything of China? Here you start.
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Chinese Recipe Collection
(This list is growing, so I put it in a new RECIPE folder which contains more recipe than listed here)

Some friends ask for recipes for cooking Chinese food at home. Here you go. Check them out. Pick the ones you feel confortable with . If you have any technical problems concerning how to cook, drop by at my restaurant. We will back you up.

General Introductions
Food In Chinese Culture Read it to boost your academic understanding of Chinese.
Chinese Cuisine Another introductory article to read about Chinese food.
The Art of Chinese Food & Drink A Well-Written Piece.
Food and Chinese Topics of cuisine schools, tea and chopsticks from China Homepage.
Chinese Cooking in a Nutshell Very imformative, with monthly recipes.
Chinese Schools of Cuisine Introduction with some illustrations.
Chinese Food @McGallen He wonders..."?" increase Sexual virility, reduce the risk of cancer. If you are also wondering about magic links between table and bed, you may go here .
Amyl Gale's Chinese Recipe Index You will regret if you pass it up.
Kosher's Recipes Do you know that Jews love Chinese food more than Chinese do?
Another Chinese Recipe Index
Art of China Homepage "A nice picture worth a thousand of words". Check this out.
Chinese Dishes for Vegetarians Great stuff, if only you could make them right.
Fatfree Recipes Of course, they are Chinese recipes!
Shanghai Recipes A Huge collection with pictures. They are authentic !
Recipes From Martin Yan Have you ever seen this guy cooking on TV? Interview him?
Cooking Chinese Food American Way? by American Mastercooks
More Alien Variations(Stuart's) Watch how others learning to cook. Bear to your own gun.
Chinese Recipes from Taiwan Love at first bite...for beholders of authentic Chinese food.
Jennifer Yu's Recipes
Vivian's Chinese Health Recipe From a girl with Chinese background.
Hello, China! Food Chinese recipes exchange from MCI.
Chinese Recipes Archive(and all Asia) at SOAR Huge collection with big search engine.
Dim Sum
Introduction of Dim Sum From Hong Kong, with some pictures.
Dim Sum Shrine Find out everything about those Chinese goodies!!
Hong Kong Style Dim Sum 30 pictures of Dim Sum! Lots of bytes, but worth a look.
Chinese Recipes From Us We are working on it. Tell us what you want to know!

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