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Greater China Kaleidoscope
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The Good, The Bad & The Weird
----------Unique Aspects of the Chinese Culture

As the saying goes, "It's an idiot to generalize". Well, in real life, idiots are everywhere. Even a saint, past or present, tends to be one sometime in his life-time. It's especially true when it comes to the topic of a culture---- a vague term---like that of China. What you like, you would say, is good; What you dislike would be bad; What you know little about or do not understand, would be said to be weird.
Well, let's find out from this page some good, bad or weird aspects of Chinese Culture. Pardon me, I really do not mean that you are an idiot like me saying something like this. Enjoy your stay and happy surfing!
Index by Special Topics
----Always contains some hard-to-find links
(selected by unscholarly me in random order)
  • Chinese Ancient Science & Inventions
  • Chinese Dynasties
  • Chinese Jade & Other Antiques
  • Pottery and Porcelain
  • Chinese Cloisonn?& Bronze
  • Chinese Sculptures
  • Chinese Macram?/b>
  • Chinese Lantern
  • Sexology & Sex in China
  • Chinese Alchemy
  • Chinese Fables & Legends
  • Flora of China
  • Chinese Acrobatics
  • Chinese Archaeology & Architecture
  • Chinese Arts & Calligraphy
  • The Silk Road
  • Chinese Paper-Cut
  • Chinese Festivals & New Year
  • Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
  • Chinese Performing Arts & Music
  • Chinese Martial Arts
  • Ancient & Modern Think-tanks
  • Chinese Militarism
  • Chinese Food & Recipes
  • Chinese Tea and Other Drink
  • Panda Bears
  • Chinese Dragons
  • Chinese Abacus
  • Chinese Astrology
  • Buddhist Images
  • Chinese Wedding & Marriages
  • Chinese Kites
  • Miscellaneous but Interesting
  • General WWW Sites on China

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    Chinese Culture General Links

    (Many well-known sites are ommited here. You can find them almost everywhere on the web. If you need, you can start from here or use my search engines page. )

    1. Chinese Culture - Images
    2. Chinese Culture - Texts
      (Brooklyn College Core 9 Chinese Culture Web site. Rich source on both images and texts on Chinese Culture)
    3. Great National Treasures of China (Collections from the National Palace Museum, Taiwan. Covering Antiquities ;Painting and Calligraphy; Rare Books and Documents. I am extremely excited to see such a good site on the web. You have to visit to appriciate it)
    4. The Culture Pavilion (Taiwan)
    5. Chinese Culture many files with pitures at Chinese Cyber City
    6. Hong Kong's Culture (What a title? It made me wonder & hooked. )

    (The following sites are written in Chinese big5. Those visual arts are must-sees though.)
    1. Tibet Artifact Show
    2. Louver Palace Art Collection
    3. Chinese Statue Show
    4. Chinese Classic Fan Show
    5. Ceramic Show
    6. Old Farmers' Wares Show
    7. Native Taiwanese Museum
    8. The National Palace Museum


    Chinese Archaeology & Architecture

    1. Yuan Ming Yuan (Garden of Centred Wisdom)
    2. Bird's-eye view of the Forbidden City
    3. Ancient and Modern Structures in Nanjing
    4. Detailed Study: Late Shang Vehicles (Late Shang Dynasty, c. 1400-1100 BC)
    5. The Ancient Chinese
    6. Architectural Continuity in China
    7. Architecture (introduction: Historical Background ; Palaces ; Temples ; Tombs ; Pagodas; Pavilions; Gardens ; Chinese Quadrangles; Bridges )

    Chinese Fine Arts & Calligraphy

    1. Chinese Calligraphy
    2. Appreciation of Chinese Calligraphy
    3. Classical Chinese Paintings
    4. History of Chinese Arts and Paintings
    5. The Art of Chinese Calligraphy
    6. Art of China
    7. Chinese Art Gallery
    8. An Autostudio of the Fine Arts - Chinese Paintings
    9. Chinese Contemporary Art -- Chinese Young Artists
    10. WaterColour Paintings
    11. Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy
    12. Chinese Painting--Qi Bai-shi & His Art
    13. Art Gallery (52 paintings by 10 contemporary Chinese painters)
    14. The University of Oregon Museum of Art Collection
    15. Chinese Gallery--刘国藩 (gif)
    16. Special Exhibition of Seventy Restricted Works of Outstanding Calligraphy and Painting --(National Palace Museum)
    17. Cathay Arts( commercial gallery featuring works of art by contemporary artists in China )
    18. Chop Engraving (The Art of Chinese Chop Engraving--Chinese Seal or "signature")
    19. Chinese Art
    20. Origin of the Chinese Script
    21. Types of Early Chinese Script
    22. Five Categories of Chinese Calligraphy
    23. Chinese Painting Including Traditional Chinese Painting ;History of Chinese Painting ;Achievements of Chinese Painting;
    24. Chinese Contemporary Watercolor Painting ;
    25. Four Treasures of the Study ;
    26. Chinese Paintings Of Qi Bai Shi
    27. International Dunhuang Project (IDP)
    28. Modern Chinese Woodcut
    29. TechArt Center, Taiwan
    30. World Art Treasures - LA CHINE

    Buddhist Images

    1. Guan Yin
    2. Great Faces of The Buddha
    3. Tibetan Sculpture

    Chinese Jade & Other Antiques

    1. Chinese Archaic Jades from the Kwan Collection
    2. Collection of Chines Export Antiques (an auction site)
    3. The Wonders of Ancient China----Alfred Koo Gallery on the Net (14 pitures)
    4. Grace Wu Bruce Inc
    5. Chinese Jades (brief introduction)
    6. Jade Carving
    7. Ivory Carving
    8. Brick Carving
    9. Chinese Jade (6 images)

    Chinese Perfoming Arts & Music

    1. Chinese Opera & Chinese Music at Chinese Student Association (Seattle Univ.)
    2. Beijing(Peking) Opera(Wendy A. Levine)
    3. Peking Opera
    4. Chinese Music--A Brief History
    5. Chinese Dragon and Lion Dancers
    6. Fine Arts & Performance Arts
    7. KUNQU (Kun Opera--Older than Beijing Opera) Read the plays on-line
    8. Chinese Opera Experience
    9. Taiwan Theater Museum
    10. Beijing Opera Page Dedicated site with rich info.
    11. Kung Qu Opera
    12. Beijing Opera Stories ( Orphan of Zhao Family | Story of the White Snake | Fifteen Strings of Coppers | The Drunken Concubine | The Use of Empty City )
    13. Chinese Operas ( audio, mov. files available )
    14. Chinese Music Exhibit ( History ; Songs ; Instrumental Music ; Dancing & Singing ; Opera )
    15. Quyi Performances 曲艺 (brief intro)
    16. Puppet Show 木偶戏 brief intro
    17. Chinese Puppetry & Shadow Play
    18. Chinese puppetry (Taiwan)
    19. Shadow Show 皮影戏 brief intro
    20. Chinese Modern Drama

    Chinese Dynasties

    1. Chinese Dynasties
    2. The 100 Chinese Emperors (by ASIAPAC)
    3. Concise Political History of China
    4. History of China (Hypertext version of "Army Area Handbook")
    5. Tang Dynasty City--theme park (recreation of the ancient capital city of Chang'An in the Tang Dynasty - the golden era in ancient China)

    Chinese Food & Recipes

    -----refer to my Chinese Recipe folder

    Chinese Tea and Other Drink

    1. The Chinese Art of Tea Drinking
    2. Tea Quotes--14 pages worth of tea quotes
    3. The Way of Tea
    4. A World of Tea (Great site for Tea, Tea Fan, and Tea Quotes)
    5. Tea Drinking and Tradition Health Claims and Is Drinking Tea Healthy?
    6. The Chinese Art of Tea Drinking
    7. Tea & its Category
    8. Chinese Alcoholic Drinks
    9. Du-zhong Leaf tea

    Chinese Ancient Science & Inventions

    1. Chinese Inventions - Can You Name Them?
    2. The Invention of Paper and find out everything about paper-making at The Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking
    3. The Art of Printing (Matteo Ricci)
    4. The Origin of Chinese Books and Printing
    5. Chinese bookmaking an ancient craft
    6. Paper, a contribution to human progress
    7. The History of Chinese Mathematics
    8. Chinese Ancient Science & Technology
    9. Chinese Ancient Agriculture
    10. The Coins of Ancient China
    11. Chinese Agriculture
    12. Invented in China?
    13. The History of Calculating (abacus)
      Return of the Dragon: Hazards of Man-Made Magnetism (a discussion)

    Chinese Abacus

    1. Chinese Abacus
    2. The Abacus:The Art of Calculating with Beads
    3. Calculating Machines
    4. The Abacus: The Art of Calculating with Beads --Luis Fernandes (new)
    5. 计算工具的发展 (Chinese big5)
    6. THE AMAZING ABACUS learn to use it

    Chinese Acrobatics

    Acrobatics is a pearl in the treasure house of Chinese traditional art.

    1. Chinese Acrobatics
    2. Acrobatics in the P.R.C.
    3. The History of Chinese Acrobatics
    4. Traditional Chinese Acrobatic Arts with images
    5. All Our Yestodays (Excerpts on juggling in ancient China show a long history of the art--Acrobatics)
    6. The Flying Boards--飞盘
    7. The Great Circus of China
    8. Show Goes On for Nanjing Jugglers (Interview with Qian Jian Ping, a juggler from the Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe)

    Chinese Kites

    1. Chinese Kites--History & Shop
    2. Chinese KitesAuthentic Kites - Handmade in PRC
    3. Kite Flying in China
    4. Jason's Web Kite Site(many pitures)
    5. Kites & Kids
    6. Make Kites In 20 Minutes
    7. The Museum of Kites in Tokyo
      Modern Kiting
    8. 1,
    9. 2
    10. Tianjin Kite Wei Art Craft Companyand Example
    11. parrots,seagulls, butterflies, made by Beth Matthews
    12. Kite Sites
    13. Colors in the Wind Japanese kites
    14. What's Your Kite Called kite' foreign names
    15. HandiLinksTM To Kites

    Flora of China

    1. Flora of China (beautiful images of Chinese Flowers of many kinds)
    2. Chinese Version of the Flora of China Guidelines

      (Flora of China is a collaborative project to publish the first modern English-language account of the approximately 30,000 species of vascular plants of China (one-eighth of the world's flora)

    3. The Art of Classical Chinese Flower Arrangement (In English from Taiwan)
    4. Chinese Rose, Chinese Lantern Plant, Chinese Lotus at Flowers
    5. Philadelphia Inquirer: Health & Science ( a reading not just for a horticulturist. Find out who is credited with introducing to the United States more than 1,000 plants from China. )
    6. Flora and Fauna (in Hong Kong)

    Chinese Animals & Insects

    1. Pandas Forever!! (a panda fan's site)
    2. Panda Collection (pictures)
    3. Giant panda
    4. The Panda Bear
    5. Raymond Joe's e-Pandas Homepage
    6. Giant Panda Bears and other bears
    7. The Panda defined
    8. Panda Conservation Comes of Age--efforts by the Chinese government and WWF-World Wide Fund to save the giant panda from extinction
    9. Chinese Cricket Culture: an Introduction to Cultural Entomology in China
    10. Worshipped and Cursed--The Turtles' Place in Chinese Culture
    11. Insects in Chinese Culture ( Sericulture, insects as pets, as medicine, as food...etc )
    12. Huang Zhiyong's Bug-Eating Page (pitures of Giant Silk Worm Pupae cooked)

    (j)---New --

    The Silk Road

    1. Gateway to Silk Road(Japan)
    2. The Silk Road(Oliver Wild)
    3. China--A Trip Along the Silk Road(3 part)
    4. International Dunhuang Project (IDP)

    Chinese Ancient Relics

    1. Museum of Qin Shi Huang's Buried Sculpture Legion The Famous Chinese Scenic Wonders
    2. Terracotta Figures Pictures--1,2, 3
    3. The Tomb of Shih Huang Ti (computer generated pictures - Taisei Corp. JP)
    4. The Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution in China
    5. Searching for Our Primate Ancestors in China
    6. A Table Listing All Chinese Fossil Hominids Known to Date
    7. Picture gallery - Photographs of Major Chinese Fossil Ape and Human Specimens
    8. Atlas of Human Evolution in China
    9. Interactive Time Line of Human Evolution in China

    Pottery and Porcelain

    1. Chinese Pottery and Porcelain
    2. Orientique--Fine Antiques & Works of Art
    3. Chinese Porcelain Collection (from Ming to Qing Dynasty) & (from Han to Tang Dynasty)
    4. Collecting Chinese Antique Porcelain (Patrick Wang)
    5. Chinese Porcelain (Aronson Antiquairs of Amsterdam)
    6. The Oriental Art Gallery Ltd
    7. Vanderven & Vanderven Oriental Art
    8. Chinese porcelain (Why the name of porcelain? Find it out.)
    9. The Decorative Arts Collections ---A Brief History of the Teapot
    10. Yixing Ware Teapots
    11. Asian Export Art--Porcelain
    12. The Hester Collection (The majority of the collection consists of Chinese monochromes or the Sung, Yuan, and early Ming periods.)
    13. Jing De Zhen color tea set


    Chinese Dragon

    1. Dragons in Ancient China Your first stop.
    2. Cloisonne enamel double dragon plate
    3. Oriental Dragon Collection ( Shunguo Liu )
    4. Dragons...why do we wear them as ornaments?
    5. Index of /gifs/dragons
    6. Lung (or Dragon)
    7. Dragon Stories -- An Annotated List (from around world)
    8. alt.fan.dragons (long lists of links to dragons on the web)
    9. In Search of Dragons (around world. " Dragons are a universal tie that binds all cultures together")

    Chinese Fables & Legends

    1. Chinese Myths(legends retold by students at Kapiolani Community College)
    2. Chinese Fables (1-19) & (20-44) (Chinese Gif & English Translations)
    3. Chinese Proverbs (English translation Compiled by Haiwang Yuan )
    4. Cowherd & the Weaving Girl
    5. Chinese Mythology---Chapter One: Pan Gu, Creator Of The Universe
    7. Awakening the Dragon (dragon boat race)
    8. Dragons in Ancient China ( texts and images about dragons)
    9. The Four Dragons
    10. The Bright Pearl
    11. Natural Enemies
    12. We Are All One
    13. The Superior Pet
    14. The Jeweled Sea
      The above 6 tales are from
      Tales of Wonder--- Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World
    15. Crazy Wisdom and Tibetan Teaching Tales Told by Lamas
    16. Dragon Boats Racing and Zong2 Zi--龙舟与粽子
    17. Understanding Chinese Ghosts
    18. The Legend of Miao-shan ( about Kuan Yin or Guan Yin 观音)
    19. 100 Celebrated Chinese Women in History (with illustrations )

    Chinese Astrology

    1. Chinese Divinations 中国术数 the systems of Chinese fortune telling)
    2. ネ╲琍畒 Astrology files in Chinese
    3. Feng Shui (List of Chinese Geomancy sites)
    4. Asian Astrology by William L. Cassidy
    5. London's Feng Shui Guru (Hundreds of residences and offices in the U.K. have been rearranged on Wong's advice)
    6. Does Feng Shui Really Work? (what do you think?)
    7. Feng Shui and GIS
    8. Chinese Hand Analysis
    9. Chinese Astrology by Shelly Wu

    Chinese Alchemy---炼丹术

    1. THE GOLDEN ELIXIR Resources on Chinese Alchemy
    2. A Short Introduction to Chinese Alchemy
    3. Jindan sibai zi---うκ (Chinese BIG5)
    5. The Alchemy Virtual Library (28 megabytes of information on alchemy in all its facets. Hong Kong)
    6. "ALCHEMY, TAOISM, GOD & ALL THAT STUFF." (Are you an "Alchemist"?)


    Chinese Folk Arts

    1. Chinese Folk Arts
    2. History of Chinese Embroidery(from Taiwan)
    3. Chinese Stamps
    4. Chinese Cloth & Clay Toys
    5. Chinese Paper-Cut Stories ( Chinese folk stories retold in paper-cut forms)
    6. Chinese Stamps (another collection)
    7. Modern Chinese Woodcut
    8. Chinese Clay Figurines 2 images
    9. Chinese Dough Figurines
    10. Batik of wax printing
    11. Basketry and Matting
    12. Tri-Colour Pottery of Tang Dynasty
    13. Famous Schools of Song Dynasty Porcelain
    14. Ceramic Craftsmanship in the Ming Dynasty
    15. Ceramic Craftsmanship in the Qing Dynasty
    16. Ceramic Arts in the P.R.C.
    17. Introduction to Chinese Lacquerware

    Chinese Cloisonn?& Bronze

    1. Chinese Cloisonne(Taiwan)
    2. Asian Village "Bringing the brightest new designs of Asia to your home"
    3. Cloisonn?Chinese Beijing Opera face mask
    4. Cloisonn?Chinese classical wine bottle and more at Ancient Qin Palace--秦宫
    5. Cloisonn?2 images
    6. Bronze

    Chinese Sculptures

    1. Cao Chong-en's Sculpture Collection
    2. Some Chinese collection of sculptures
    3. Tibetan Sculpture

    Chinese Paper-Cut

    1. Beijing Opera Masks
    2. Chinese Papercuts (20 gif files)
    3. Traditional Chinese Paper-cut
    4. Paper Cutting
    5. Chinese Paper Cutting Art (Peacock series by Yuen-bin WU )
    6. Chinese Papercut (8 images)

    Chinese Macram?-ties that bind

    1. Chinese Macrame
    2. Chinese Macram?/font>
    3. Chinese Knotting Home Page--古典中国结艺
    4. Chinese Decorative Knotting
    5. How Oriental rugs are made

    Chinese Lantern

    1. Lantern Festival (Japanese & Chinese gif) Many pictures of lanterns.

    Chinese Festivals & New Year

    1. Chinese Festivals (Mainland China)
    2. Chinese Festivals(from Taiwan)
    3. Chinese Festivals (from Hong Kong)
    4. The Lantern Festival - China (short intro)
    5. Recreating Chinese New Year Celebrations on the Internet (w/ computer drawings of Chinese symbles, 200K)
    6. Chinese-English Calender--1924 - 2043 A.D. (astrological elements of the years)
    7. Chinese New Year (K.C. Yong )
    8. Story of the Spring Festival ( Chun-Hui Gu )
    9. Chinese New Year ( Haiwang Yuan )

    Chinese Clothing

    1. QiPao...etc(from Taiwan)
    2. Linda Wrigglesworth - Chinese Costume and Textiles ( antique collections )
    3. Heavens' Embroidered Cloths: One Thousand Years of Chinese Textiles with pitures at Asian Arts (Hong Kong)
    4. Chinese Shawl ca. 1850 China
    5. Chinese Silk Gowns at UMMA
    6. Chinese Silk Quilt (handmade)
    7. Dragon Dance
    8. Dragon-Boat Regattas
    9. Qipao (cheongsam) and Men's Dress
    10. Dragon Robe
    11. Minority Dress -- Southern China
    12. The Art of Traditional Chinese Dress

    Chinese Wedding & Marriages

    1. Chinese Wedding Traditions
    2. Chinese Wedding Customs (traditional & modern)
    3. Chinese Wedding Traditions
    4. Getting Married: Traditional Chinese Style


    Chinese Ancient & Modern Think-tanks

    1. Kong Fu Zi -- Confucius (James A. A. Tucker )
    2. The Philosopher Confucius (551-479 B.C.)
    3. The Analects--Confucius (English text)
    4. THE Great Learning--Confucius (English text
    5. The Doctrine of the Mean--Confucius (English text)
    6. Mencius--Meng Zi and some text (GB)
    7. Mao Zedong -- A Great Man in China History
    8. Man of the Year--Teng Hsiao-p'ing(Times)
    9. The Tao Te Ching --Lao Tzu ( Translated by S. Mitchell )
    10. XUN KUANG (Xunzi-25 B.C)
    11. Han Fei
    12. Welcome to Taoist Resource Center A Complete Guide to Taoism and its many applications.
    13. Chuangtse, Mystic and Humorist (庄子--long English Text)
    14. ASIAWEEK - MAO NOW - The Great Helmsman led China into some of the most monumental disasters of the modern era. Now, 20 years after his death, Mao Zedong's star is shining as brightly as ever. How can it be so?
    15. CNN: In China, nostalgia lingers for Mao's cultural revolution - :...some Chinese still look back with some fondness at this dark period in China's history. "
    16. Chairman Mao's Poems - In Chinese (GIF).
    17. Dr. Sun Yat-Sun - The founding father of Republic of China.
    18. Mao Zedong - An unofficial site which collects quotations of Mao and some articles on Mao. [CHINESE GB] [CHINESE PS]
    19. Mao Zedong -- A Great Man in China History - Internet resources on Mao & his era.
    20. Sun Yat-sen: Fundamentals of National Reconstruction - "This book is Sun Yat-sen's most important political statement. It enunciates his famous three principles whereby he set China on the road to modernity. "
    21. DENG Xiaoping - Deng Xiaoping leads a far-reaching, audacious but Risky Second Revolution ( Man of the Year 1985, Time Magazine )(in English)

    Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

    1. Chinese Acupuncture
    2. Acupuncture Home Page (Britain)
    3. Acupuncture.com Resources(US)
    4. TuiNa & Chinese Massage
    5. Modern Acupuncture Methods (on-line instructions)
    6. 5,000 Year Ming-Dynasty Health Formulas Recovered! ( promotion. You don't have to buy products)
    7. The Lost Art of War: Sun Bin's Art of War
    8. Traditional Chinese Sexology
    9. Tuina--Chinese Bodywork Therapy (Bill Helm)
    10. Natural Chi-Gong
    11. Chinese Medicine (a brief introduction)
    12. Herbs, Fertility & Contraception

    Chinese Military Affair

    1. Ancient Militarism
    2. Wiles of War
      --36 Military Strategies from Ancient China
    3. The Art of War--Sun Tzu (Translated by Lionel Giles) The Oldest Military Treatise in the World.
    4. The Art of War--Sun Tzu (Thigpen)
    5. The Art of War-- (a serious translation w/ background info. )
    6. The Art of War--Sun Tzu (Chinese BIG5) GB coded version
    1. Modern Military Affair
    2. China Defense (Image intensive site. You might like his collection of defense-related LINKS, too.)
    3. Chinese Weapons Homepage (Wei Jun Wen )
    4. Chinese Navy Homepage (Wei Jun Wen )
    5. Chinese Military Aviation (by Hui Tong)
    6. Chinese Military Force (Army) (Jingyang Deng)
    7. Military Aviation (Taiwan) (Wei-Bin Chang)

    Sexology & Sex in China

    1. ( This section contains grown-ups' life and death material, please stay away if you are not physically, emotionally and mentally grown-up. Pearls or garbages, nothing there represents my view.)
    2. The Tao of Love and Sex: The Ancient Chinese Way to Ecstasy
    3. Tantric Sex A Spiritual Path of Ecstasy
    4. The Homosexual Tradition in China
    5. The Tao - What Swingers Should Learn of True Intimacy
    6. Sino-sexology (Marcy Sheiner)
    7. Spirituality and Sexuality (Steven Ericsson Zenith)
    8. Traditional Chinese Sexology Sale of CD
    10. Healthy Sex--- 健康的性 (Taiwan. Chinese BIG5)
    11. Tantra in China: Chinese Buddhism
    12. Tao sexual yoga Learn how to have sex to promote your health!
    13. A word about Dark Side of Taoism
    14. Deadly Sex
    15. 千古风流--高罗佩其人.....
    16. The Yin-Yang Butterfly a book


    Chinese Martial Arts

    1. (Check my Martial Arts Folder for more)
    2. ShaoLin FAEM Association
    3. Chinese Kung Fu Introduction
    4. Martial Arts Web Resource
    5. Qigong Association of America
    6. Chinese Kung Fu ( brief introduction )
    (v)---New --


    1. Fei-Chien, or Flying Money: A Study of Chinese Underground Banking
    2. Travels in the Chinese Empire ---or The Adventures of Huc (1813-1860)
    3. Rice-Fish Culture in China: The Past, Present, and Future (raising fish in rice field)
    4. A visual travel to the Chinese past
    5. China-Related Graphics
    6. Chinese Interpersonal Relations
    7. Chinese Poets ( messed up when I visited on 11-12-96 , but looks promising)
    8. Traditional Chinese Music (brief introduction)
    9. Marco Polo in China
    10. Chinese Poetry By Various Authors English translation
    (y) (z)

    Non-Copyrighted Pages. Hope they are useful. Mind others' patents, though.

    Home Page........Guestbook.............and laughing all the way!